Netafim Recoil

Netafim Recoil

Netafim Recoil

Recoil drip line recycling "closes the loop" and provides an end-of-life solution for used drip line.

At Netafim we understand that it is our social and moral responsibility to enhance our corporate value through innovation and community focused business practices and contribute to a sustainable society.

Recoil. Drip Line Recycling.
Netafim Recoil recycles used irrigation drip lines and removes agricultural waste from the field to minimise the environmental impact. We then process that field waste material and use it in our manufacturing process to produce certain drip line and LDPE products – "closing the loop" and helping to create a more sustainable circular economy.

Local access to the Netafim Recoil program is available in McLaren Vale and the greater Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia through McLaren Vale Irrigation. The Netafim Recoil program is a simple 5-step process to remove used drip line from the field. While there are slight variations based on your location we have streamlined the process to make it inexpensive and efficient for the good of our environment:

  • 1. Recoil Request Form – grower completes this Form (click Netafim Recoil Form button below).
  • 2. Netafim will arrange for one of our Netafim Recoil retrieval machines to be made available.
  • 3. Using the Netafim Recoiler retrieval machine, the grower recoils the used or unwanted drip line.
  • 4. Once all the drip line is recoiled, Netafim will arrange for collection and transport to our recyclers.
  • 5. Netafim will provide a Certificate of Recycling once your drip line has been recycled.
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Netafim Recoil

Recoil. Drip Line. Recycling.

Netafim has been a leader in global agricultural development since its inception in 1965 – integrating down-to-earth rural values with cutting-edge agricultural and technological expertise to lead the way in smart drip and micro-irrigation solutions worldwide.

Our Netafim Recoil program directly addresses the supply chain sustainability needs of today’s growers. It is the most comprehensive drip line recycling service available on the market today – making it easier than ever to dispose of used drip line at the end of the season and helping Australian agriculture to Grow more with less™.

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In McLaren Vale and the greater Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia – access to the Netafim Recoil program is proudly available through McLaren Vale Irrigation.



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